Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Nigerian Pastor preaching By Chijioke Anyacho

Chijioke Anyacho is a young amazing Nigerian artist, who with the use of an ordinary N20 ball pen ‘biro’ creates extra-ordinary, magnificent & life-like drawings that look pretty much as though they are photographs.

This is what The Nigerian Pastor preaching or teaching on wealth creation is
"You see, there are things you will do and you will provoke divine backup. When you have divine backup, you will WORK LIKE AN ANT AND EAT LIKE AN ELEPHANT.
it's called Grace. There are so many who have discovered their talents but they are not progressing. It's not by your power-For by strength shall no man prevail. All you need is divine backup...
sowing seeds, paying tithes n praying will do that "
I look around me and see dedicated brothers and sisters still wallowing in poverty.... tithe paying, seed sowing families still struggling with extreme needs and poverty.....whereas people who don't go to church controls almost all the wealth on the planet....young men and women who are not Christians are reshaping our world, setting new boundaries, leading new breakthroughs, dominating every field of human endeavors becoming icons....through diligence, hardwork and dedication.

And it doesn't make any sense to me. It doesn't make sense to me.
When the paying of tithes and sowing of seed is made a prerequisite for God's blessings, the only person who becomes wealthy is the person on the receiving end of the collections...and it's usually the one on the pulpit.
God loves a cheerful giver not one that has been coerced into thinking that he must give unless God wont give back to him.
Ironically, the people who gives the most to Charity, to research in medicine to help cure diseases killing millions, to alleviating poverty are non Church going people........and that is sowing into God's vineyard or didn't God tell us WHAT SO EVER YOU DO TO THE LEAST OF MY BRETHREN, YOU DO TO ME??
And they keep getting blessed.
Grace means you don't deserve what you get from God....and that is why God blesses hardworking, purpose driven individuals from every nation of the Earth, irrespective of their creed, faith, religion or no religion, sexual orientation....
Telling people they need to pay tithe and sow seeds before spiritual doors will open for them is not GRACE, it's selling a ''Scratch my back, i scratch your back" God........
I am not against sowing seeds or paying tithes, but just know that it doesn't make God indebted to you...neither does it make God's hands closer to you than it is to your neighbor.
Thank you

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