Thursday, 16 June 2016


Life can be hard sometimes but some say we make it harder than it has to be. That all I have to say on this.

I am 35 and single, and it becoming so tormenting, I am that chic you will call beautiful, fair in complexion, tall with all the right curves, people wonder why am still single, and to be honest am also worried, although I was in a serious relationship 3years ago, but the guy broke my heart just because of our religious believes, he claimed his mother brought someone for him to marry, and he was forced to marry her as they were from the same place. So they got married, that got me depressed for a very long time, I eventually dusted my sleeves and moved on. In the last three years, I have dated at least 4/5 men, the problem is not meeting them, I really can’t find my choice I got really serious with one and allowed him popped my cherry, since I was serious with this one I did some background checking on him and found out he isn’t who he said was. (A big time crook), I had to bounce. This new man is giving me sleepless night, he is so out dated (an educationist), doesn’t know how to woo a woman, there is absolutely nothing wrong with him, but we don’t connect, I once went on a date with him and I was bored out of my mind, people said he is ready to marry, seriously he isn’t my choice……. Do I marry without love because am 35? Do I marry a guy I don’t love talk less of like? I really tried to like him, i tried forcing the feelings, but it’s not working. My younger ones are married, am just looking for a man to call my own. I have tried different dating sites, but the caliber of people I find there are not my speck. And please don’t ask me if I have a career, I have a wonderful career, when people talk about not having money, it sounds funny to me. I have prayed, fasted, cried did everything within my wits. But it seems this is my own challenge in life


  1. my Dear, God's time is the best. do not force yourself on marriage because you are getting old, marriage is an everlasting sentence. God will do what he promised us at the right time.

    1. Thanks Jonathan for that reply, God will surely do what he promised you at the right time