Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Relationships could be termed tricky, in that one can never have total control over one’s feelings no matter how far you’ve come or how well you feel you’ve mastered the art of relating with a fellow.

It is often said that letting go is the most difficult thing and that seems quite true, especially from a lady’s point of view. So, more often than naught, you’d find a lady stuck in the dilemma of whether to hang on or let go. At such moments when your judgment is clouded by emotions and that your close friends (some of whom never liked him anyway) seem clouded by sentiments, its becomes imperative to have a few hands on tricks by which to put your situation (man) to the test and arrive at what you could like to call the right decision. So let’s have a go at it then.
Most people would have you barge your man with series of questions and then see how he fares in compares’ to a blueprint of answers you have tucked up your sleeves. But the truth is, your man is nothing short of a mare object of your affections (sorry about the down play guys), believe it or not this is true. Your relationship starts with you and it most ideally should end with you. So if anyone should be answering questions on this it should be none other than you.
Sincerely, ask yourself, does he still make you feel special about yourself, does he still treat you like you have a special place in his life, do you sincerely think that he would choose you over the other girl (that’s if you are aware of another), do you still trust him (at least as much as you use to if not more). If all your answers are “YES” (you can save those excuses for those friends with whom you feel the need to save face), then in that case only one thing remains, and this is perhaps the most important question of all but it’s not one for you to answer, this one is his; DOES HE STILL WANT YOU?
Notice I didn’t say “LOVE”, well that’s not an error but an intended omission because I do realize that there are different meanings attached to that word today so much that a breakup could even be attributed to the word(given the right dictionary)  "I have to leave you because “I love you”

This shouldn’t come across as new to anyone (not if you’ve seen a few Latina soaps). Well whatever the case is with your man, you have got to know (from words and deeds) if he still want you. If the answer is “NO” then you have no business being there. No one likes a cling-on. You may misinterprete your (supposedly) never dying emotions to mean that things need to continue just like they always have. But seriously girl, no one is gonna profit from that venture. What you need is to create a medium to channel this over-glowing emotion out of you. You can do this by using the “leave you cause I love you” line from above. But never resort to transforming all that feeling into hate, because in doing that, you’d remain chained to him, and this would remain until all that hatred completely drains or run its full course (in whatever way that is).
 Haven read all that, now it’s up to you to do what needs to be done , and if done right, you should in a couple of days be chilling with your besties and singing along Justin Bieber’s love yourself while you wait on your true knight to ride along.

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