Friday, 1 July 2016



hi Admin, i read somewhere that we can drop our good and bad times stories, thanks for giving this platform. i am a 25yrs old graduate hoping for a good job, anyway its in this "HOPE" i have issues. i met a married man who is two and half times my age, promising me all, job and money and from the look of things, i guess i have the connect. and can help if he really wants to, but he refuse helping
unless i date or sleep with him, my friends are already calling me names(you know how friends can be) dating a married man is a NO NO for me...... i made the mistake ones and and not ready to go down that road again. i really dont know what to do for i need a good job so as to start helping my already demanding family.  and to add am tired of the remarks that comes out from my parents mouth, (refused growing a thick skin). please hide my ID. thanks

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