Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Relating Mark Zuckerberg visit to Nigeria Pastors

It's all over the news that Mark Zuckerberg, yesterday, arrived Nigeria unannounced. The 32-year-old tech entrepreneur surprisingly made a sudden visit and inspection of activities at the Co-Creation Hub, Yaba Lagos, Trust Nigerians, they  have been reacting to this unannounced visit. 

 The Nigerian Pastor teaches humility, but on the altar, he is "guarded" by men in suits looking like Mi5 agents.
When he wants to leave, these men form a barricade around him and usher him out preventing the barest minimum with his congregation...the saying touch not my anointed is taken literally here.

The Nigerian pastor cant be seen on the streets walking will easily mistake his convoy for that of a deputy governor. He is out of reach of the people he is supposed to reach out to.
When he is on the street, he is guarded by armed security personnel and you would think he is a drug lord whose men are constantly anticipating an attack from rival gangs.

The young Nigerian Pastor in an attempt to be like his Daddy G.O builds an array of protocol officers around......
The Nigeria Pastor is afraid of kidnappers.
Dear Nigerian Pastors,
Learn from Mark Zuckerberg.

Chijioke Anyacho

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  1. so true, but I guess religious fanatic will never agree to this