Thursday, 1 September 2016

Edo Decides 2016

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics (election) is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." -- Plato
My good people of Edo state, come September 10, 2016, it will be another time to make a critical decision that will determine to a large extent, how our lives and state will be for the next four years.

It has been observed and studies have shown that a large proportion of Nigerians exhibit an apolitical nature cum behaviour towards politics for different reasons ranging from but not limited to culture, religious norms, wrong perception of politics, lost of faith in the electoral empire, fear of violence among other reasons.
Due to these factors, Nigerians don't partake it politics, but I bet you don't know that your non-participation in election is equally a form of political participation. Do you know that your single vote could determine who the winner of an election will be? Do you know that it's part of your political liberty protected by our constitution to vote and criticise government objectively? Do you know that it is tantamount to an act of injustice on your part if you decide not to vote?
My good people of Edo state, come September 10, 2016, we MUST all come out to exercise our franchise as good citizens of our beloved state. We MUST come out to cast our votes for the candidate of our choice peacefully without unnecessary resort to violence. The political atmosphere is highly tensed and it is believed that thugs have been recruited to cause or instigate violence across the state. We should not be moved by this as our greatest advantage is our number. Yes! Evil, a scholar once said prevail where good people do nothing!
Please, if you don't have the newly issued voter's card used in the last general election of 2015, you've no business being at any of the polling centre on the day of election as it is the only requirement you need to vote. Like our constitution and Electoral Act provides, the election will be an Open-Secret election. This means that, though, the election will be conducted openly, the person behind you can't see or tell the candidate you've voted for. So, the fear of victimisation is reduced.
The future they say is always in our hands. Let's come out and do the right the right way this time around.
God bless Nigeria
God bless Edo state
God bless Nigerians

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