Sunday, 11 September 2016

Young people and the Missing Ribs

One of the problems with young people these days is the idea that there is a partner God has chosen for them.
Brothers and Sisters,
Wake up.
God does not choose life partners for anybody neither does he create a particular member of the opposite sex just for you.
This is the reason why some young people rush to their pastors for prayers to see if the person they are with is THE CHOSEN ONE.
This is why some are still single......they are waiting for the person they will meet and angel Michael will come and sound the trumpet in their ears that "this is the one"
In your journey through life as a single person, you will come across countless number of people that are RIGHT for you and your purpose on Earth.......countless number of them. You will even met some after you marry.
It is up to you to choose from among the people that are right for you.
Any of the RIGHT person you choose, you'll still fulfill your purpose. Any of them. Your destiny is not tied to a particular member of the opposite sex.
Your rib is not missing..........stop looking for it.

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